Photo gallery

Biostyl-2010 †Expo Biostyl Prag 2010 - Czech republik
†Expo Interbeauty Prag 2010 - Czech republik
†Expo Christmas 2009, Prag - Czech republic
†Shells show 2009, Brno - Czech republic
†Shells show 2009, Prag - Czech republic
†Expo Interbeauty 2009, Bratislava - Slovak republik
†Expo Biostyl 2009, Prag - Czech republic
†Expo Cosmetic 2009, Brno - Czech republic
†Expo New woman, Olomouc - Czech republic
†Expo InterCharm 2008, Prag - Czech republic
†Shells show Czech republic 2008
†TV broadcast for women on Czech TV
†Expo Interbeauty 2008, Bratislava - Slovak republik
†Expo Biostyl 2008, Prag . Czech republik
Expo Cosmetic 2008, Brno - Czech republik

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