One the most impotant benefit of the natural sea sponge is its ability to soak up. It became smooth since it has been wetted. Another advantige over the synthetical sponge is that the natural sponge will not dissolve after it comes across the aggresive detergents, while the synthetical do.

After the period of its existence it developed withing itself biological tissues that have antiviral, tumorous and antiseptical effect. For its unique soak up and smoothness it goes well with the human’s skin.  And exactly for these features it is gainig the popularity among customers. Even in this field people realize that return to the nature brings along a lot of advantiges.

For its soak up and resistivity against the aggresive detergents it is useful for the technical use.

The prime quality sponge are recognized with a very soft structure, natural colour and a longer life-expectancy than sponge that are tampered by bleeching.


The Importance of iodine for the human‘s organism

In the far distant places from sea was the absence of iodine seen as a cause of a variety of diseases. For this reason we add iodine into the salt. However, the body is unable to use iodine by an oral application completely and the higher dosage might even irritate stomach. The more natural way of getting iodine into the body is through skin, as it enhances the function of the thyroid gland. Furthermore, it also acts as an antioxidant, prevents against the elevation of the volume of cholesterol in the blood and constrain from development of the arteriosclerosis. The lack of iodine could result in a spinal-related deseases, such as cyphosis, scoliosis or lordosis. Iodine is a significant part of the hormone thyreoxin and therefore the lack of iodine is probably the reason behind the failure of the thyroid gland.


The Application:


The Sea sponge might be utilized in a wide range of areas


Personal Hygiene


  • Body wash
  • Sauna and massages
  • Cosmetics, make-up
  • Striae – through a massage it helps to reduce the effect of striae
  • Antiseptic effect – it helps with  minor, superficial injuries




  • Washing up dishes or other household items
  • Polishing of the furniture
  • Cleaning of clothes
  • The vinegar-soaked sponge helps to reduce the unpleasant household odour, such as from cigarettes or kitchen


The technical usage


  • Blackboard sponge
  • Carwash
  • Graining
  • Renovation of the art items
  • Proccessing of ceramics, whiteware, leather or wood
  • Labs purposes
  • The Optical industry (suking water from cuted lenses)
  • The Arms industry (weapons blackening)


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